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Here We Go... Podcast

Here is the latest idea I'm working on. This one may not be for the faint of heart, as it has a few twists & turns. I will be making a strong attempt to post one idea every couple of weeks to the website, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

The purpose of this is to gain some valuable feedback from you; The Almighty Listener. These are not guaranteed to be on my next album, or even make it past the chopping block. So let's have some fun, keep the blows above the belt, and leave any feedback in the comments section below this post. \m/

  1. A Work In Progress

An Overdue Update! 

Even after an extended hiatus, it is humbling to see people, and followers still visiting this site! For that, I say "Thank you!" Here's what I've been up to these past few months.
  • Welcoming my beautiful daughter, Cadence Evelynn Castilla, to the world!
  • Changing diapers!
  • Learning to speak Baby Gibberish fluently!
  • Did I mention "changing diapers"?
For any parent reading this, I'm sure you can relate with the concept that children change everything, and schedules/goals mean nothing to them. Despite that, this break has allowed me to really focus on my family, and I appreciate all of the support everyone has shown during this fun-filled transition!

Fear not! Music is still at the forefront of my mind, and I continue to record on a weekly basis. Most of the recordings are merely ideas that I hope will blossom into full-blown songs, but I would love to share these ideas with you.

Beginning this Thursday, June 6th, I will release a tidbit of music for you to bang your head to. My musical tastes have evolved over the past few months, and I would like nothing more than to hear your feedback. One of these tidbits may even make its way onto my next album! So let's have some fun, people!

Here is my beautiful Cadence...

A Finished Collaboration 

Recently, I had the opportunity to team up with SpiritN3d, and I wanted to inform you that the album "From Dubai To You" is currently available! I recorded lead guitar on 10 of the 12 songs, and had a blast doing so. You will find the difference in sound to be worthwhile! To me, music has no borders, and collaboration is a beautiful thing when unrestricted!

Head over to to check out some of the songs, and show some support by picking up your copy today!

2013: Year Of The New! 

With so much in store, it is only fitting to declare 2013 the "Year Of The New"! I could go on and on talking about the new songs that are nearing final production, or the inspiration I've found lyrically for the latest album. I could talk for days of the new sound that is based around a 7-string guitar... That's right. A 7-STRING GUITAR! Can you say "possibilities"? Or perhaps I could show off the new studio headphones and recording software I have been blessed with as of late.

Instead, I will sum it up with one word... NEW!

New Inspiration + New Gear + New sound = NEW Music! I will be releasing tidbits of lyrics, and teasers of choice songs in the coming weeks, and look forward to hearing you share your thoughts. Starting Monday, January 7th, I will began recording vocals on the first single of the upcoming album. Wish me well!

Now, I know I've said a million times "I couldn't have gotten this far without you", but I will say it a million more times just to hammer the point home, because it is true! Thanks for checking out the site, and supporting my love for music! My EP "This Angel's Life" is available now, and can be downloaded for FREE, or purchased on CD for only $4. Unfortunately, due to the outrageous shipping costs, I am unable to ship internationally beyond the U.S. at this time. It didn't seem right to ask a fan to pay 4 times the amount of the CD just for shipping!

If you've already heard the 5 songs featured on the EP "This Angel's Life", and are ready to retire them for good, do us both a solid and share the music with your family and friends! You can even have the song(s) sent to them by entering their e-mail address before downloading!

I hope you are a having a spectacular year! Cheers to the "New"!

Back On The Air! 

At 7:00 pm, Sunday, December 9th, the Northwest Song Shack has graciously chosen to feature some of my music again in their weekly radio broadcast! I cannot begin to express how enthusiastic, and privileged I feel to be a part of their show. The Northwest Song Shack is a Radio Program and Podcast dedicated to showcasing Independent Song Writers, Music Artists, and Bands from the Northwest, and it airs in Kamiah, Idaho on KIYE 88.7. A special thanks to Steve and John, the hosts, for taking the time to give us Indies a chance to be heard! Rock on!

For those of you who aren't anywhere near Kamiah's radio waves, check out the Podcast here which is available online at the same time it airs. Thanks to everyone for pushing me to get my music out there, and I hope you are all enjoying the holidays!

Oh Baby, Baby! 

The title of this post can mean one of two things...
  • (1) I have a penchant for popular Britney Spears songs, and I want to declare my undying admiration for such brilliant songwriting that will SURELY stand the test of time.
  • (2) I am going to be a dad!
Fortunately, we are going with number two. I am pleased to announce that my wife and I are expecting our first child! I simply cannot express how excited I am, and how much I am looking forward to being the best dad I can possibly be. We will find out the gender on November 19th, and the due date is April 6th! To be completely honest, it is a little nerve-racking to think of all of the "Dad knowledge" I need to acquire before this baby is born!

During this exciting time, I find myself in a huge transitional phase that has caused some noticeable delays in the production, and release of my Debut Album. As a result, some of the songs have been placed on the back burner for the time being. Be sure to check back regularly for an upcoming Teaser of the album, and a new addition to the site exclusively for the members of Thanks for being so patient, everyone! I hope my music is worth the wait!

Being A Solo Artist: Some Pros And Cons 

As a solo artist, it is my pleasure to bring you the inner workings of my mind, heart, and soul in the raw form of music. However, to transform silence into song is no easy feat, and being a solo artist comes with it's pros and cons. Let's start with some pros.

Nothing says "satisfaction" like a finished song. As the sole creator of every tune, riff, and melody I play, I can honestly tell you that if men could give birth, this would be that experience. Every aspect of my songs carry a part of who I am into the mix. This causes PPS, or Proud Papa Syndrome.

If I feel like a song requires more cowbell, there is no band meeting to clear this with the bandmates. When there is a guitar solo that clashes with the bass line, no feelings get hurt. Why? Because there is no explosive minefield of egos to tiptoe through. Having creative control allows me to make necessary changes, and sculpt the song into the best that I possibly can!

Now some cons. Sometimes, it is nice to get some feedback when my two ears are not enough. Periodically, when I get writer's block, having a fellow musician to jam with can work wonders. Also, being in a band gives one a sense of camaraderie that is great for motivation. But by far, the biggest con is when someone hears my music and says, "Sounds good! Why aren't you in a band? You should be in a band!"

Maybe someday soon, it will be possible to perform "This Angel's Life" backed by a full band, in front of 50,000 fans. But what defines my success isn't "making it" or "getting signed". If you're reading this, and my music has made a positive impact on you, then I'm already successful. And if that's the case, I'll continue to rock the solo artist status for a little while longer!

We Are The Dark Horses. 

There are all sorts of people out there who show disdain for artists who cover songs. Some say it shows a lack of originality, while others claim a cover is never "better than the original." My response to this is best stated through... well... a cover song!

"Dark Horses" originally performed by Switchfoot, is a song that has deeper meaning about making mistakes, redemption, and of course "running up against the crowd", a lyric which sealed the deal for me.

My cover isn't an attempt to trump the original, but rather a tribute to a great song, and chance for me to step outside of the box to try some funky new sounds. Head over to "The Music" to download it for free, Or comment about another cover you might like to hear me perform. Thanks and Rock On!

Art Concepts and Collaborations! 

First, I want to thank all of you who tuned into the Song Shack on Sunday, July 29th! The awesome guys over at 88.7 KIYE FM featured my songs "Nameless" and "The Element Of Salvation!" I am extremely grateful for the exposure they have given me, and will remain in contact with them about future song plays. Fingers crossed!

Lately, I've been sketching up some ideas for the new album cover art, and the core concept is almost complete. I don't want to spoil the suprise, so I am just going to say that it is the visual symbol of my music. In particular, "This Angel's Life" is the main inspiration that powered my pencil. I can't wait to unveil it and hear what you all think!

Also, I've been collaborating with the band SpiritN3D, and laying down guitar tracks for their upcoming album. It is truly rare to work with such awesome people who give you creative control with your instrument! So far, three songs have been completed. You can hear "Walk By Faith", and "How Great Thou Art" on their website at It has been an online collaboration that spans thousands of miles around the globe, from Dubai to Sydney, and is proof that Music knows no boundaries!

Video did NOT kill the Radio Star! 

What better way to start the Latest News section of my site than with some great news? At 7:00pm Pacific Time, this Sunday, July 29th, 2012, I will be making my radio debut on the Northwest Song Shack! The Song Shack is a Radio Program and Podcast that airs every Sunday at 7:00pm from Kamiah, Idaho on KIYE 88.7 FM.

If you don't live in that area, you can catch the program here at These guys feature local up-and-coming artists and bands from all over the Northwest, and I'm so grateful they chose me to represent Portland, Oregon! Check it out, and tell your friends!

Also, there are many exciting changes happening here at! From the makeover of the site, to the production of my upcoming Debut Album, be sure to sign up for my Mailing List to stay in the know. Don't worry: I practice the 11th Commandment "Thou Shalt Not Spam!"